Psycho Shower Scene Wooden Wall Art

Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho - Janet Leigh Wall Art

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Janet Leigh in her most memorable scene as Marion Crane in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho alongside the silhouette of Norman Bates dressed up as his mother played by Anthony Perkins. Regarded by many as the first example of the slasher movie genre, ground breaking in its depiction of violence on screen. Leigh was affected by the shower scene, after seeing the film she never took a shower unless she absolutely had to and she would lock all the doors and windows and would leave the bathroom door and shower door open. The film was black and white but I fancied adding a bit of colour to this piece.

Cut out of 6mm MDF, hand painted and mounted onto a 12mm plywood backing board.


Height - 30cm

Length - 50cm


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