Summer Vibes cocktail glass lemon straw umbrella neon font

Summer Vibes Cocktail Glass Wooden Bar Sign

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Summer is finally here! Although with the typical British weather at the moment who knows what is in store!

If you can't get away this year then why not bring the taste of summer to your home with this wooden wall decoration. Sit back, grab a cocktail or two and escape to sunnier climbs, you could be swimming with dolphins in the Azores, having it large in Ibiza or sunning yourself on a beach in Benidorm, the possibilities are endless.

Cut from 6mm birch plywood, spray painted and brush painted, glued onto a piece of 6mm thick birch plywood and finished with a matt varnish.


Height - 36cm

Length - 30cm

Thickness including writing - 18mm

I have one in stock and I also make these to order. Please allow 1-2 days from time of placing the order to dispatch.