Worzel Gummidge Scarecrow Pop Art Wooden Art Kids TV

Worzel Gummidge Wall Art

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🎶You put a Wor after W, and a Wor after O, a Wor after R, and it's away we go. You put a Wor after Z, a Wor after E, a Wor after L, A zel after Wor, and you're left...with me!🎶

 Worzel Gummidge the scarecrow played by Jon Pertwee was a childhood favourite of mine. There were four series that ran from 1979-1981, it was then picked up by Channel 4 in 1987, filming moved to New Zealand and it was titled Worzel Down Under and ran for a further two seasons, finishing in 1989.

Here he is cut from 6mm MDF, hand painted and mounted onto a 12mm plywood backing board.


Height - 54cm

Length - 39cm

This is an original one of a kind piece and is hand signed and dated on the back and fitted with a saw tooth hanger.